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Rose Bush is a sophisticated pink lipstick that is smooth, beautiful and long wearing.

in 1988 my mother and I planted a rosebush. The bush bloomed for the first two years and after that nothing. Years passed and in 2002 I lost my daughter Kamani Nevaeh at birth. I soon went back to the home I grew up in and after all those years the rose bush  bloomed again. To me, that was a sign from God was telling me that he has her and everything would be all right. 

Fast forward 19 years.  I’ve been chosen to be a part of a Hulu television series called the Small  Business Revolution. The cinematographer, I could tell had a beautiful soul. I asked her if she would capture me in a certain way and she said “Tameka whatever you want, everything will be all right.”

Her saying those words to me reminded me of the rosebush that grew for me 19 years prior to. Guess what this Oscar Award winning cinematographers  name is... Rose Bush!

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