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About Us

Tameka Jones, Founder & CEO

Lip Esteem is a plant based, cruelty-free, paraben-free and gluten-free cosmetic line that was launched in Minnesota by the founder, Tameka Jones right in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a young person like many of us, Tameka had some self esteem issues . She was teased daily and she would try to conceal her full lips, which of course was impossible. When Tameka became older, she realized how beautiful her full African features were. It's like she went from a caterpillar to a butterfly.

In 2002 after completion of her Estiology Certification (the study of skin) from Saint Paul College, Tameka began her freelance makeup career for MAC and L’Oreal Cosmetics. Her career as a freelance Artist, lead Tameka into managing Fashion Fair Cosmetics and Estée Lauder Cosmetics Companies as well as starting her own freelance Makeup business called Nevaeh Monet Faces.

As a Makeup Artist, Tameka realized that there were many people of different ages and races that have insecurities about a variety of things concerning their looks and she wanted to help them to find their confidence. So she started a self esteem group called L.A.D.Y.  for adolescent girls in grades 5-12. Soon after that, Tameka received her B.A. from Metropolitan State University in Youth Development and Business Management. Although Tameka is no longer working with youth, helping them remains to be a passion of hers.

Fast forward to 2019 Tameka was a Team Lead aka Counter Manager for a Cosmetics line with dreams of having her own line. But with little to no time to pursue entrepreneurship, Tameka worked her 9-5. Until the COVID -19 pandemic hit. With little ro no job securities and racial tension at its highest, Tameka decided to develop a product that would heal and not harm. To unify and not seperate. What better way than makeup!

Ladies and Gentleman it is a pleasure to introduce all of you to this wonderful lip line called, Lip Esteem LLC.