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This fiery matte red is a great addition to anyone's lipstick collection. It has a hint of orange for a fabulous pop.

"Victoria" is named after a "she- ro" of mine from the Rondo Neighborhood, Mrs. Victoria Davis. Victoria also known as Vicky also known as Mrs. Davis to me, is a graduate of Spellman College and the University of Minnesota.

She has been part of my village since I was a little girl. As one of the founders of the Summit University Education Consortium, Mrs. Davis gave me one of my first jobs and she paid me really well to be a tutor and a camp counselor. She was not just a mother to her own children but also a mother to the communities children while also being an entrepreneur in the housing and real estate markets.

You can say that Mrs. Victoria Davis is a freedom fighter. She believes education, hard work and persistence are the keys to success. Red lipstick is her favorite shade so again, let me introduce you to... Victoria.

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