Beauty in the midst of ashes.

Beauty in the midst of ashes.

What a year 2020 has been. In March we were all excited that the snow was starting to melt and we could feel spring around the corner. Then the world got a big blow. There was a virus that was spread and it was called COVID-19. Due to the severity of the virus schools were closed, people were laid off of their jobs, no more weddings, graduations were canceled, festivals were canceled and we were all required to stay in the house unless we needed to go outside for an emergency. 

My job as a make up artist came to an abrupt end. The feeling of normalcy has now changed to fear add to worry.

As I sat in my house day after day I thought about what this pandemic would mean to me, to my career and to my source of income. I spent many days laying in bed worrying and thinking. I have never had so much time on my hands. I began to remember all of the things that I wanted to do that I couldn’t do because my energy was always drained at work. By the time I Would get home I felt like I had no more energy to even dream. Covid 19 gave me the time, the space and the mental capacity to dream again.

For years I had thought about having my own make up line but I never took enough steps in making that happen. One day I was reminded of my dream and because I was well rested, I got up and sprung into action. I began writing out ideas, I begin writing out recipes, I begin creating logos and coming up with names for my make up line. I began to draw out images for a logo and to put words together that might make a nice name for my company and I ended up with Lip Esteem LLC. 

Lip Esteem is not just cosmetics, it is a movement. Lip Esteem is a movement to find beauty in everyone that purchase is it. It’s so easy for us to not want to get dressed right now, to fall into depression and even have anxiety but it’s amazing that when you put on Lip Esteem, it automatically lifts your spirits and makes you want to do your hair and makes you want to take selfies! I love that I have come up with a product that can take beauty from ashes. Join myself and other Lip Esteem beauties today!

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