L.A.D.Y. Mentoring Group

We must connect. The L.A.D.Y. (Leader Achiever Determined Youth) Program is designed to positively change young ladies lives by helping them to navigate through daily struggles and to help them to find their purpose and passion. We are a peer mediated learning circle for African American and African middle school and high school girls, using performance, mirroring, journaling and other preferred features to create simulated realities.

L.A.D.Y. is rich with skill building themes and activities that promote critical thinking in all areas of each participant’s lives. We will assist the schools in shift to global competitiveness by embracing social learning. This means I will help the girls enhance their judgment and critical thinking skills for wise and healthy choices.

 L.A.D.Y.  is designed to fit the needs of each individual school. This means that the school has the option of having the group for the entire school year or the program can be held for increments of 10 weeks. The school also has the option focused on girls of color, or focused on one particular ethnic group.



Self-esteem                                  Bullying

You are a brand                            The Power of Words

Self awareness                              Teen Dating

Academic Importance                   Building positive relationships

Manners                                       Classroom and home manners

Respect                                         Hygiene and Etiquette

Citizenship                                   Gossip

Forgiveness                                  Just say no

If you are interested in having L.A.D.Y. as a part of your school or community, please email us at lipesteemllc@gmail.com